Term Dates

Yamaha Instrument Classes 2021/2022

Autumn Term 2021

Starts – Tuesday 31st August

Ends – Sunday 19th December

Spring Term 2022 pt 1

Starts – Tuesday 4th January

Ends – Friday 8th April

Summer Term 2022 pt 2

Starts – Tuesday 19th April

Ends – Sunday 15th May

Half-term Break – Monday 16th May to Friday 3rd June

Summer Term 2022

Starts – Saturday 4th June

Ends – Sunday 31st July

All dates are inclusive. Subject to change.

These dates are set out to provide the 42 lessons per academic year as per monthly payment plan.

Rising Stars Musical Theatre Group

Classes will be running every week throughout 2021/2022, with the exception of the following:

Christmas Holidays:  Monday 20th December – Monday 3rd January

Easter Holidays: Monday 11th April – Monday 18th April

May Holidays: Monday 16th May – Friday 3rd June

Rising Stars classes continue throughout the Summer.