More Grade Exam Success!

Over the past couple of months, we have held several more Rockschool exam days. Being the area’s official Rockschool exam centre means that it’s not only our own students that come to us for exams, with students from teachers and schools all over Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire attending Peterborough Music School for their exams.

So a huge congratulations to the following Peterborough Music School students who have recently passed their Rockschool exams:

Francesca Savoury – Drums Grade 1
Ashley Cater Drums – Drums Grade 1
Jenna Al-Gharabally – Drums Grade 1
Oliver Stockell – Drums Grade 1
Natalie Evans – Drums Grade 1
Darren Peake – Guitar Grade 1
Seb Scaife – Drums Grade 3
Renai Bennett – Drums Grade 1
Benjamin Pepper – Drums Grade 1
Hayden Coates – Drums Grade 1
Sam Taylor – Drums Grade 8
Joe Hancock – Drums Grade 8

A special mention must go to Sam Taylor and Joe Hancock who both passed their Grade 8 exams and go off to university in the next few weeks. They have both been studying with our drum tutor Simon for 8 years now and he is immensely proud of both of them. Good luck to Sam and Joe as they embark on university life!

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